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We offer a wide range of solutions featuring diverse materials and colours from standardized façade elements to non-traditional formats and colours that are custom made to order. The ventilated façade solutions we design for are based on the excellent teamwork between our engineers and architects and on continuous dialogue with our clients. Their common goal is to achieve a beautiful final product and to achieve unique ventilated façades that secure the proper, trouble-free operation of these systems and the lifespan of the façades and the buildings they cover.

Our team completes project documentation for every ventilated façade we design and install including:
  • Design of the architectural and colour solution
  • Detailed installation plan and bill of materials
  • Detailed drawings for every specific detail of the work
  • Structural calculations
  • Physical construction calculations, e.g. thermal resistance (R-value) calculations, etc.
  • Construction schedule
  • All additional calculations and details
We can secure the entire installation process using internal and external specialists, who have been verified by our company over the long term. Every completed façade has its own construction manager and group of installation technicians who are involved in the project continuously from the start of work until completion and turnover to the client. The quality of the materials used in the installation is controlled on a continuous basis and information on the results of our work is shared with our clients and the manufacturers of all installed materials. The results of such work (ventilated façades), experience and any issues experienced during construction are discussed at regular management meetings.

The façades we install are characterised by their professional finish down to the smallest detail using quality, time-tested materials requiring a minimum of maintenance during the lifespan of the structure along with excellent thermal and noise insulation characteristics.